Tuesday, 23 August 2016

DiscoverXS, Pherotruth, and other pheromone forums

DiscoverXS, Pherotruth, and other pheromone forums are excellent sources of information on a variety of pheromone topics.

But one thing that kind of bugs me is how easily people are led to believe things that simply aren't true.

I go into much more depth in my article here about not just one pheromone forum like DiscoverXS or Pherotalk, but pheromone forums in general... there are things that have made me far less likely to "engage" in the community.

Some of those things include:

  • Constantly being attacked, simply because House Of Pheromones does make a few affiliate commissions (which go towards keeping the site hosted, buying, testing, reviewing, and spending hours upon hours pouring over the reviews)...
  • People who read something and take it as "fact"... then spout off the same second and third hand information to other people (which causes something of a "Chinese Whisper" effect. 
  • People who constantly say things that are way off the mark, because of preconceived notions about molecules or products.

Pheromone forums are a great place to discuss pheromones, but you should also be weary about who you listen to.

Some of the things I do when I join a pheromone forum (or any forum in general) is get a general idea of what the community is like... some places have members who bicker over anything and everything, some places are excellent for productive conversation.

But on pheromone forums, this gets taken to a whole new level, simply because we can't really say much as "fact"...  because pheromone testing is done on an individual basis, and of course, everyones results will vary in some way or another.

Therefore, it's not the best idea to just take any one posters word for it, especially if they don't have any credibility to back it up. Some things you should look out for before taking someones advice on pheromones is this:

  • History of testing and reporting on pheromone molecules, products, and combos
  • Observe their interactions if they post about it (for example, how they communicated... poor game will ruin any pheromone product, which also means that the product is not a "failure" - more like the user failed the product).
  • Be sure that information is not simply lifted from someone elses experiences... they will usually have their own sets of beliefs and thoughts/opinions on how a certain pheromone product or molecule might work). 
Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post to address this, because I have had quite a few members come my way recently from various pheromone forums... I may become more active in the future.

But until then...

Thanks for reading :)