Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The "gay pheromone bomb" (distasteful, but non-lethal weapon)

I learned something interesting today which is pretty ridiculous, but hilariously funny at the same time. In 1994, the US Air Force created a 3 page report on proposed "non lethal" weapons... one of them being a potential "gay bomb".

Basically, the idea behind it was to drop mass loads of copulins on their enemies, to make them sexually attracted to eachother (a female hormone which acts as a pheromone - men are HIGHLY attracted to it).

As funny as it would be, the idea never went further than a proposal.

But it does pose an interesting question.

Did the government really believe that the effects would be that powerful?

Just how influential are pheromones anyway?

If you believe everything you read on forums like Pherotalk, you might have a pretty unrealistic expectation of what they're actually capable of... but after a few years of testing, I am of the belief that you'll experience anywhere from 5%-20% of an increase in your overall attractiveness, social ability, and being perceived as high status.

Now those are some arbitrary numbers, and yes they were pulled from very rough guessing.

The point is, I see pheromone effects on a "sliding scale" kind of basis.

Some will have more effects than others...

... but the most important part is what you already bring to the table.

If you already have social skills, using social products will amplify your natural abilities.

If you have skills getting women, pheromones will give you an even greater "leverage point" where your ability to attract women is amplified even more with the use of pheromones.

BUT - pheromones will still work, regardless of where you are with your skills.

The only thing I have to say is that it won't be AS effective (just my opinion).

For example, if you see the review on Aqua Vitae, it is a blatant heavy hitter, but it's very difficult to "drive" if you don't have the level of skill required. A product like Evolve-XS is more suited to men who are more comfortable being social, and having that "sexual attraction" creep on on them (and their target women).

Bother are fantastic pheromone products.

But don't get disheartened...

Because even if you aren't completely living up to the "vibe" each pheromone product creates, you will slowly become more "congruent" with it over time. You can also actively work on your skills to be more congruent.

As another example, XiSt is a romantic attraction product - but I feel that it "melds" more around your personality than Aqua Vitae. And by the way, if you are still trying to figure out the difference between romantic and sexual attraction pheromones, read this before you buy pheromones.

It doesn't require super fast escalation, but even a little bit "driving" (like creating an "imprint" deliberately) can have lasting effects on the woman you're targeting.

... however, if you applied some solid game while wearing it (like the article I linked above), you would likely get closer to 20%, rather than 5% of the effects if you didn't know what you were doing).

This is just an example of 2 vastly different products. The list could go on, but I think you probably understand it by now.

On another note, I believe that's why the "gay bomb" experiment got scrapped - pheromones can be powerful, but they won't make people do anything against their will...

Still, it would have been pretty cool if they dropped it on some nazi groups or some other people that deserve it.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out there.

There are some interesting things on the way.

Stay tuned,

- PheroJoe

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Another day, another passenger exposed to a pheromone product... lol


In recent drive, I had a passenger start to get lippy and irritable with me. I had on some products by PheromoneXS, mainly EvolveXS with a few sprays of XiSt.

It started to escalate very quickly, and now the guy was visibly fuming.

I knew it was going to get ugly, but I could seriously care less about one dumbass drunk... so I pulled my keys out, went to the passengers side, and pulled him out onto the side of the road...

... now this guy so out of it, he could barely walk, so I had an obvious advantage.

Now shit really starts to get out of control, because I have 3 people going apeshit in my car.

I quickly calmed them down, and made it clear that I don't play that shit.

If they were cool, then I was cool.

Immediately, the other guy shut his mouth and I didn't hear a peep for the next 10 minutes... as I found out from the girls, he was a friend of a friend that lives near them so he was trying to catch a ride back too.

Things got a little more interesting, as the other guy got dropped off before the women, so we still had about 10 minutes left to chat...

They seemed a little bit disturbed by what just happened, but because I stayed calm through the whole thing and made them feel at ease, they opened up and became a lot more chatty.

They started talking about wanting to drive Uber but being scared (and they were very attractive), self driving cars, and other nonsense.

As we approached their neighborhood, the woman who was somewhat sober kept glancing over at me while we were speaking, and I could tell - things could get very "heated" soon, in a good way...

He friend, who was near passed out didn't notice anything, but the woman who was now seated next to me was leaning closer and closer to me, and started talking about "engine strokes" and RPM's LOL...

A few minutes away from the drop off, her arms were on my center console (middle part between us), and inching her way towards my crotch...

As the flirting increased, she eventually had her hand on my crotch.

I don't normally speak about my "encounters" in depth, but this was some seriously new (yet awesome) stuff happening. I have started writing a little bit more about it on DMKlab. Pheromone experiences with a little more detail than I can go into on the main website.

She started rubbing it down there, and needless to say I was excited... she unzipped me and was about to lean over for some even more "adult" activities...

Seeing as this could potentially make for some interesting pheromones research, I obliged... I could have escalated things further by taking her invite inside, but I felt that it might cause some serious dramas if her friend woke up and got aware of what just happened...

So I helped her take her drunk friend inside and left things at that (with a number)...

This is just my most successful test, and out of almost 80 rides, it was the first time anything got that inappropriate lol...

I have had women who were drunk or buzzed reach around and hug me, give me offers, and asked me out.

I never took any of those offers seriously because with drunks, they wake up and realize they messed up the next day...

But from testing pheromones on women like this, you immediately have a chance to expose them at VERY close range, conversate with no distractions, and even subtly "invite" women to touch you by not being "surprised" if they say something sexy or out there.

I've also gotten a date with an English babe who is here on holidays, after exposing her to Voodoo for a whole 30 minutes (this makes a FANTASTIC combo with AV to tone down the aggressiveness and spread the attraction over a more stable period)...

She's been texting every day, so I might have a clinger here, but she's actually fun to talk to so it's not a drag.

Anyway, I know this has been a long email... but if you made it, congratulations!

If you're thinking about driving for Uber, make sure you do so if there is a bonus offer for completing a certain number of trips.

Also, if you are wanting to sign up, use my referral code and I'll split the money I get 50/50 with you.

I've got some more info on some of my experiences coming... that was just the tip of the iceberg. I also got a hold of Dr. Amend's "Pheromone Advantage" a little while back, which is a product that failed to pass the sniff test... it simply doesn't live up to its own promises. Be sure to check it out on the official House Of Pheromones site.

Dealing with drunk people is a whole other ball game, especially when pheromones can just rub certain types of people the wrong way.

Oh yeah - stay tuned for some new reviews next week!