Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nexus Pheromones - Warning! BEFORE You Even Consider Buying This Junk...

Well well well... in another episode of pheromone detective Phero Joe, I decided to throw another crappy pheromone product under the bus: Nexus. 

This pheromone product has been mass marketed for several years now, and I thought it was about time to cross another heap of shit off my list.

Nexus Pheromones in particular, gets on my nerves because they actually do go the extra mile... they provide a product that (supposedly) has several known ingredients - 7 in total - lists their effects and what they do... but still completely fails to deliver ANY noticeable hit or or effect from the product.

The most surprising part as I was reading the through the websites sales materials is that James V. Kohl also supposedly gave his input in the creation of the product, which I found hard to believe.

James is a well known researcher in the field of pheromones and related sciences, but at the same time I advise people to take the studies with a grain of salt because he also offers a line up of products. I personally think that his product line up is dependent on those studies, which also means there could be a conflict of interest in order to sell more products.

The fact that James also associated himself with such a blatantly obvious scam like Nexus also makes me very skeptical about his trustworthiness.

He has made some pretty basic, working products in the past like old revisions of MAG (Max Attraction Gold - which from what I've heard has gone down the crapper), Scent Of Eros (a light social/attraction product), and the lineup from luvessentials, which is most likely rebranded products that are very basic, because I haven't had much of any effects from them.

Nexus Pheromones also has the same issue as products like Pherazone - where they constantly make up lies, and even have fake affiliate "review" websites pushing the products on unsuspecting buyers. Very much like Pherotalk, they have a lot of people scouring the internet to talk the products up... all the while knowing it doesn't really do much of anything.

In the future, we will be keeping on top of old and new scams that tend to pop up all over the internet and bring the hammer down on them too. It's unbelievable the lengths some of these vendors will go through to try and rip people off... frankly, if I was going to start a pheromone company, I would begin by creating some absolutely KILLER pheromone formulas before I even thought about bringing something to public.

Anyway, stay tuned for more episodes of scam busting!

- PheroJoe