Sunday, 10 April 2016

What I think about pheromone scams online (Especially Pheromax)

Let's face it, pheromones are pretty cool once you've gotten past the initial skepticism and have discovered just how powerful they can through some solid testing. But there is a worrying trend online that affects all of us - new  and advanced users - that is really crushing peoples spirits lately. It's pheromone product scams.

You see, these are the guys who are mass marketing products and really don't have anything useful to deliver. Even though the information is out there, from many hours of testing and reporting from a huge number of different users - and while I'm not saying it's cool to rip peoples formulas off... I'm saying that it's only common sense for people to simply create a decent product before spamming millions of people with shitty advertising.

For example, in my recent review on Pheromax, I showed you just how insidious this really is. When I was new to pheromone world, I admit I did fall for a few of these scammer products... but I quickly discovered the REAL pheromone community where things like molecule testing, and new exciting vendors were discovered.

Some people insist on pushing these products simply because they receive a very generous commission for referring sales. And even though I could also do the same thing, I prefer to advise my readers honestly and openly, rather than just doing it for the money.

House Of Pheromones is a website designed to improve over time. I mentioned to commenter recently that it is all a lot of speculation (accurate, but still very new) when it comes to new molecules and products. That's why in the near future, I hope to see a public outing of these losers and see just how far pheromones can really go.

  • Phero Joe