Sunday, 11 June 2017

Putative Pheromones: What You Need To Know About Androtics Direct Alternatives

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Putative pheromone is simply another name for "unnamed" molecule, which has proven (or is being tested) to check for any type of effect on behavior.

Originally, this was offered by Androtics Direct (yep, same people who completely ruined A314, and lied on Pherotalk about it). Because of their "funny business" and bizarre charade of being a research company... many people are now looking to alternatives to their putative pheromones lineup. 

Why charade you say? Well, many of these "secret" molecules are already known by their actual pheromone/chemical names. Some of them are also substances which are not exactly "natural" pheromones, however, they do have chemical structures which are similar to pheromones and proven themselves to have social or sexual effects.

... and while they claim to be a "research" company, they have yet to disclose the actual pheromones behind the putatives line - even after years of testing and reporting from users.

This was the entire purpose of testing and reporting in the first place.

Frankly, I wouldn't buy from them simply because of the type of sketchy antics they get up to (just read this article if you haven't already).

Like blocking people for talking about their products negatively, pulling products off the shelves, and never putting any of their experimental products on the main product line.

They simply disappear with no explanation or reason.

But before I go off on another rant about their business "politics", let me just say that I was fond of a few putative/experimental molecules they had on offer.

PheromoneXS in particular has been leading the way in providing excellent alternatives, although they aren't the only vendor in the game.

The reason PheromoneXS is such a big player is because SteveO, used to work for Androtics Direct in the past. I'm not sure of the reasons he quit, but I suspect he knew that they were lying to their customers. Androtics Direct is known for shilling on their forums and making it sound as if they're dealing with the most potent chemicals in pheromone-world... like real life pheromone love potions or something. But that's just not how they work.

In all my dealings with SteveO, he's been extremely trustworthy and always has top notch customer service. Product quality wise, as well as dealing with queries, requests, and after sales support.

You can also get singles from Liquid Alchemy Labs and Love Scent, both of which I recommend highly.

Note that several of the putatives have simply been wiped off planet pheromone, with no explanation about why they can't stock the item anymore. That's why not ALL the putatives currently have direct alternatives.

Also keep in mind that these molecules are nothing special. You can find many similar molecules which have been tested and proven in the human pheromone molecules summary. However, as always, I advise not looking to pheromone products as answers to all your problems. You can go crazy from trying to figure out all the effects and come up with something "extreme"...

But also keep in mind that you should also focus on building up a nice natural pheromone signature by keeping healthy.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Athena Institutes 10x Review: Is It Really Just To Increase Natural Pheromones?

A little while back, I wrote a review on a product that has been around for many years, and even been featured in news articles, magazines, television, and probably even the radio... it's Dr. Winnifred Cutlers 10x formula (from Athena Institute). 

pheromones for men - Certo by AD is a fantastic choice for attracting women. When I first tested this product, I wasn't really expecting anything because the instructions say to wear it for several weeks before seeing results. I was curious as to why, and after doing some research on the patents that she used to hold, it is most likely because it is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and possibly some standard pheromone like androstenol and androstenone. Either way, testing did not bring anything substantial and there are far better products that you don't have to "break in" for such a long period of time before getting results.

Anyway, this got me thinking, and I believe it is because the skin absorbs a very tiny fraction of pheromones, creams, and other things we put on our skin due to a process called transdermal absorption. Basically, your skin does absorb some small fraction of the pheromones, which may be why it takes a long time to see results.

... curiously enough, I have used natural supplements in order to boost testosterone levels. What I found was that increasing testosterone levels, also increases organic pheromone production.

Even though I'm not a "supplement junky" anymore, I still learned that doing things in the most natural way is the best for me. When I start taking supplements for testosterone, or rather, any type of supplement rather than naturally through food and good eating -- I can get rather sick. 

I start to get colds more easily, sore joints, break out with acne, and other issues. My advice to you is... create good lifestyle habits, and you won't ever need a product like Athena Institutes "10x" rubbish -- your natural pheromones will do atleast 80% of the work anyway!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Does boosting testosterone really help increase natural pheromone production?

Several people have emailed me asking about whether increasing your natural pheromones is really worth the effort.

Yes, it is in my opinion... sure, it can be a lot of work in the beginning when you're just getting started... there's a lot of preparation and lifestyle changes that need to be accounted for when you start really taking care of how you treat your body, how you eat, and how you approach life in general.

Boosting your natural pheromone production and testosterone is a very worthwhile  endeavor, for several different reasons:
  • Because it makes your happier overall, and increases your sense of wellbeing.
  • Improves your confidence and assertiveness
  • Makes you more attractive
  • Striving for success and achieving goals (even small ones), has a positive impact on your mood and energy levels.
  • It improves your social and romantic life. Keeping your mind and body busy makes you feel more "in the moment" (which reduces anxiety, negative feelings, and helps you stay positive - which also just happens to be very attractive to both men and women).
  • The list goes on
This all gives you "momentum" to carry on pushing in life to get what you want... those small steps are how you create true "inner happiness" that will give you a rare glow.

Whether that glow is because your body language is much more attractive, your natural pheromones are higher quality, or whether you just have way more confidence, it is all a part of the big picture.

Here are a few snippets with links so you can research further:

(or view the complete human pheromones summary with sources). 
  • “Men were rated more attractive when assessed by women who had been exposed to androstadienone. An effect that was seen in two out of three studies. The results suggest that androstadienone can influence women’s attraction to men, and also that research into the modulatory effects of androstadienone should be made within ecologically valid contexts.” [LINK]
  • "Previous research has revealed that natural and synthetic pheromones can enhance ratings of opposite sex attractiveness." [LINK]
  • "The most intensively studied is 4,16-androstadien-3-one, a chemical which is known to modulate mood and have activational effects in the sympathetic nervous system" [LINK]

Friday, 20 January 2017

Pheromones: Now a STAPLE part of your wardrobe?! Interest increases...

pheromones for men

Let's face it, there's no shortage of pheromone vendors and fly by night operations that pop up every other week to tell you that you NEED their products, to attract endless amounts of beautiful women or men...

... but what if there was, say, a HUGE sudden increase in interest in pheromone colognes and perfumes... what would that do to our dirty secrets we all have when it comes to pheromones?

Frankly, I think most people already think its a load of crap, so even if they did get somewhat popular and well known, people would still hesitate to part with their hard earned money. However, one thing I've noticed lately is that they seem to be getting a lot of attention from other bloggers, namely those in fashion and beauty industries.

As I mentioned in my research blog, these are websites that have little to do with fragrance, perfume, or colognes... but are a relatively unimportant offshoot of a deeper topic - we're all trying to boost our fashion sense and make ourselves more attractive in order to impress the men or women we desire. Women are also becoming more interested in pheromones (mostly curiosity).

So where does this leave us enthusiasts in the grand scheme of things? The same place we've always been -- right in the middle, testing quality pheromone products, and advancing our research collectively... the only problem I have at the moment is that it has become a bit of a race to the bottom, with people ripping off eachothers research and trying to out do eachother in negative ways.

Remember, this is also the reason why I had to basically make PheromonePro redundant -- competitors were trying to bring the site down with spam and negative bullshit, but they just made me stronger and a tougher enemy to get rid of. House Of Pheromones is currently on an incredible growth curve, even gathering attention from the likes of LifeHack, FashionB2C, and other popular blogs such as Fashion Sale Watch.

Other websites like Vidyasury also find information on House Of Pheromones interesting, because as you know, pheromones are just part of the equation... I advise on a number of topics, including self improvement and attraction, so its never a great idea to put all your faith into just one single product. I know people out there who say they don't, but then go and make obviously obsessed forum posts and try to over analyze every little thing a woman says - don't be that guy!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pheromax Review - Not worth the money

I recently wrote a “Pheromax” review at House Of Pheromones, a product that has been floating around the internet for several years now... the weird thing is that nobody seems to have any kind of solid information on the product.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see much results with it - but the thing that really surprised me was it actually did SOMETHING... unlike scam products out there, it does seem to have some effects that are a result of the pheromones.

Much like Androtics Direct products such as Turn Up The Heat!, it appears that the product simply has far too little pheromones to really be effective.

It is a simple formation of androstadienone, androstenone, and androstenol - all 3 ingredients which could be purchased for the total price of the product, and most likely be far more potent than the 5mg worth of pheromone content that you get with the product itself.

Anyway - if you are interested in reading a bit more about how pheromones and attraction ACTUALLY work, read more on the blog. 

In other news, I have a funny story for you:

I’ve been thinking about what to review properly in depth next, and I’m thinking I may go for another Pheromone Treasures product since many people have been getting outstanding results with Pheromone Treasures product, Grail Of Affection.

I’ve also been doing a bit of maintenance and improvements on the site, you can now click through to the product page from my personal best pheromones list, as well as from the the main vendor pages.

There’s also a NEW Liquid Alchemy Labs product on the horizon called “Venom”... no details are available just yet, but I will send out an email as soon as I get more information.

It’s apparently a pheromone gel, which seems to be getting more popular with the LAL product line... and ever since I tried SXD-9 and Overdose pheromone gel, I can see why.

The gel carrier simply lasts way longer and seems to have some very good range in moderate-warm weather. Overdose would be a powerhouse if its getting warmer where you live.

Also, about the title of this email...

... funny story.

Today someone I know, but don’t really like (because he smells nasty, I wrote about this guy last year)... asked me for “spray”, or cologne.

I actually did have some with me, but it was actually pheromones (corpo). I use it at the dance studio I go to because its give off a “cool” authority vibe which goes well with my KRUMP character.

If you see this video you’ll get an idea of what that’s about, but basically I declined.


Because seriously, no amount of cologne was going to solve this fucking guys BO...

I mean really. I, as a dancer regularly come into peoples space after they’ve been sweating and to be honest it’s not that bad. Fresh sweat isn’t offensive to me.

But come on... this guy smelt like he hadn’t showered for the last 3 days and the sweat had become a serious bacterial infection that was literally making me gag.

No jokes... and somebody with that little self awareness has a long way to go before I’ll offer them an expensive ass bottle of my pheromones haha...

Anyway, that’s just a little bit of what’s been happening lately. I’ve also been with a friend at and been posting a few things from my emails over there - check it out if you have a minute.

I’ve also been doing a little side driving for Uber to see if it’s actually worth my time. But I’ll write about that in the coming days.

Definitely had some weird and cool experiences so far, and it seems to be an interesting topic so stay tuned :)

Sunday, 11 December 2016

The truth about pheromones and attraction (it's not what you think)

If you've been looking into pheromones and attraction (or even if you're just new to them), there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than what you're being told.

Frankly, a lot of it is straight up rubbish, which was dreamt up by sleazy "snake oil" type salesmen... promising an endless supply of women, in exchange for buying their overpriced holy water... err... pheromone juice? Yeah, anyway - it's a lot more complicated than it seems on the surface.

Take for example, an article I wrote recently about the massive impact of personality, physical appearance, wealth and health. I wrote about pheromones and attraction in depth, and concluded that it was far more complicated than we can imagine. There are however, concrete steps we can take to enhance our overall attractiveness, regardless of whether we use pheromones or not.

 At House Of Pheromones, I go even more in depth into how attraction and pheromones are intertwined, everything from how you are perceived and steps you can take to significantly enhance your attractiveness to women.

Just some of the topics I covered are:
  • How pheromones actually affect the brain and responses from women
  • How pheromones can change other peoples “perception” of you
  • Difference Between “romantic” & “sexual” attraction products
  • Primal & Emotional pheromone “types”
  • The merging of your “natural” pheromone signature
  • The TRUE total effects of pheromones on attraction
In the end, I concluded that the end result of putting pheromones, on TOP of the "overall package" is quite significant, because it can alter your body language, communication patterns, and other subtle details that make you appear higher status, better looking, and seem to attract a higher caliber of women.

... but coming to that conclusion wasn't easy.

Frankly, there are people who will read the article, and then proceed to email me asking about the latest and greatest pheromone products and want recommendations on what will work to attract a specific woman in their life. That's just not how it works guys.

You can tell the desperation from reading some of the posts on pheromone forums that some guys believe it's ALL about the pheromones, and refuse to believe that they have a problem. And one guy in particular posts his CREEPY interactions that it makes me cringe on the other side of the world. While I won't name him, he seems to be one of the most vocal about extremely minor changes in products and seems to be swayed by the opinions of others... which means the testing is unreliable, and shouldn't be taken seriously, because he has no game whatsoever.

Yet it carries on and on, and the cycle continues. This is also why I went my own way with my own site. Some people recently tried to discredit me, while they argue amongst eachother about the validity of my research. The fact is, I'm just done with it.

Anyway, I don't want to go off into a rant about forums again, but be sure to be on your guard. People will try to tell you pheromones are the be all, end all of attraction - but once you read and UNDERSTAND the articles, you will see them as powerful tools instead. Don't be fooled!

- PheroJoe